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Create custom 404 error page

Custom 404 pages are easy with Quant. Any content pushed to QuantCDN with the special /_quant404 route will become the active 404 page.

Note: The content of this page may be cached for up to 30 minutes. Please allow time for changes to display.


  1. Set the 404 page in QuantCDN settings (Settings > QuantCDN) - for example /path/to/404-page.
  2. Ensure the 404 page is pushed into Quant (Batches > Custom routes and 404 page)
  3. From now on any change to the 404 page content will automatically update the 404 error page in QuantCDN


  1. Ensure the 404 configuration is set in Drupal (Configuration > Site Information > Default 404 page)
  2. When the node is updated or a seed takes places the 404 page will be updated

Static Generators

Ensure you have content under the /_quant404 path (for example, /_quant404/index.html) before running quant deploy.

Create via the Quant Dashboard

You can also create custom 404 content directly via the Quant Dashboard using the WYSIWYG or Code editors. Remember to save under the special _quant404 route.