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Get started with the Quant CLI


Install the CLI tool via NPM. Simply run:

npm i -g @quantcdn/quant-cli


The CLI tool expects to run from a folder containing a quant.json file, which contains information necessary to connect to the Quant service.

To initialize Quant (and create the quant.json file) navigate to a directory containing build assets and run quant init.

*** Initialise Quant ***
prompt: Enter QuantCDN endpoint: (
prompt: Enter QuantCDN client id: example-org
prompt: Enter QuantCDN project: example-project
prompt: Enter QuantCDN token: *****************

prompt: Directory containing static assets: (build)
✅✅✅ Successfully connected to example-project


To deploy all content run quant deploy

This process will push all files and content that have changed since the previous deployment. It will also unpublish any content that has been removed since the last deployment.

Static generators

Most static generators will work with the CLI tool by their very nature (generation of static assets!)

Quant has been tested with success with Jekyll, Hugo, Hexo, Gatsby, MkDocs, Docusaurus (this site), Pelican, and more. Please contact us if you have issues integrating with any existing static generators, we would love to hear from you!