Get started with the Quant dashboard


The Quant Dashboard provides a place to centrally manage projects and content, view revision history and provide access to your team (organisation subscriptions only).

Register for an account to get started.

Create your first project#

Creating a project is simple. From the dashboard navigate to the "Projects" section from the navigation, and click the "New Project" button.

The project name is used to help you identify the project. A machine name will be built based on this which will display in the Projects table.

The domains field is where you can input any domains the site will respond on. Enter any number of domains, each on a new line. A preview domain will automatically be created so you can immediately see how your site looks in Quant before going live. Don't worry, you can always add these later.

The query parameters option will allow URLs to be made unique by query parameter (for example /blog?page-2). This is enabled by default.

The username and password options will optionally password protect your project.

Next steps#

Once the project is added you can find it in the "Projects" section of the dashboard.

You will see a preview domain has already been created. Visiting this domain should display a default 404 page until you connect and start pushing content to Quant. Use this preview domain to test and validate your website before going live.

Click on the eye icon under "API token" to retrieve the API token and integrate with Drupal, Wordpress or any number of popular static generators.

Change active organisation or project#

Your account may be a member of one or many organisations. Click on your profile icon (upper right) to switch between organisations or your own private account.

Projects are scoped to organisations. Once you have activated an organisation the projects list (upper left) can be used to toggle the active project.