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Welcome to Quant

Quant is a static-web CDN designed to provide you the benefits of the static web without the complexity of rearchitecting your solution. Quant provides integrations for popular CMS and static generators to ensure your content and development workflows continue without interruption.

While the fundamental idea is to ensure a low barrier to enjoy the many benefits of the static web, there are rich APIs for developers to create their own custom integrations.

Discover Quant

Read more about the features that drive Quant, and what makes this solution different from other static web hosts.

Get started

Create your first project

Projects are maintained via the Quant dashboard.

CMS integration

CMS integrations allow for an initial one-click push of an entire website, as well as ongoing content change tracking and automatically pushing updates to the Quant static edge. These integrations ensure your content is published on Quant the second it changes on your CMS.

Popular static web builders operate by generating compiled assets (markup, JavaScript, CSS, images, etc) as files on disk, ready for deployment to QuantCDN.

Use the CLI tool to deploy static assets, or during a CI build pipeline.


Webforms are a common challenge when moving to the static web. Quant has a powerful, embedded solution that is simple to enable.

Read more about setting up Quant Forms.

Our seamless search solution allows content to automatically index and remain in sync as it changes.

Create structured search records and build faceted search pages with ease.

Read more about setting up Quant Search.

Domains and TLS

Add an existing domain to Quant to assign a custom domain to your site. We provide free automatic SSL certificates via Let's Encrypt.



You can use the Quant CLI tool to help automate integration with the Quant API. This allow you to trigger deployments, publish and unpublish routes and view metadata.

It is also capable of crawling and migrating an entire site to Quant in minutes.


To get started with the Quant API, learn how to authenticate, seed content and move into advanced topics like managing workflows and content states.